Don’t Stress

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is approaching, and that can only mean one thing…projects! With the overwhelming amount of homework and constantly having to study for tests, the school months right before summer break can be extremely stressful. The only thing that’s on student’s minds is having fun on summer break. Thankfully, I have some tips for de-stressing when your workload is at it’s highest.

When stressed, one of my favorite things to do is listen to my favorite music. It instantly lifts my mood and helps me put things into perspective. My only rule is to not listen to anything sad, as that will obviously put you in a worse mood. Also, taking a break from schoolwork or anything that is causing you stress can help with stress. By not focusing on the source of the stress, you’ll be happier and more calm, and can then get your work done faster. It’s a win-win situation.

Another tip is to face your stress directly. Whether it’s a looming deadline or life in general, facing your stress can be huge in getting rid of it completely. As well as facing your stress, having a few mantras to say can be beneficial as well. My favorite thing to say after something has started to stress me out is “so what?” it makes things that seemed like the end of the world turn into something irrelevant. It’s helped me de-stress when I didn’t have the time to listen to music or take a quick break.

These quick and simple tips can help turn your stress or even anxiety into something that’s hopefully a bit easier to manage. Remember, only a few more weeks of school until summer! We can do this! After all the tests, homework, and projects are over, hopefully you won’t be as stressed. It can be difficult, but all these tips have helped with my stress and I hope they help with yours.