Ask Why: Enron Advances to Region!


Photo Credit: Brian Ketcham Enron Company after winning 2nd place at the UIL Area Contest.

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor and Student Life Editor

It’s been a successful season for KHS’s very own one-act company, Enron. After advancing from district, bi-district, and area, the one-act company will be competing at the Regional level on Friday, April 7.

The company has been awarded many honors so far, including Best Actor (AJ Hayes), Honorable Mention All-Star Cast (Ensemble), All-Star Cast (Karrin Tennant) and All-Star Cast (Tanner Hudson.)

Throughout the process, Enron has undergone a variety of cuts, changes and revisions since its first debut at the district competition, so audience members should not expect the same show from each advancing performance.

In addition to doing well in the competition circuit, the individual cast members have grown and learned a wide variety of things as a byproduct of acting in the show. Hannah Schochler, junior and ensemble member in Enron, said, “I was not fully educated in political economics so this play has broadened my horizons.”  

Ryan Lee, senior and lead in Enron, also details what the world of Enron has revealed to him. “The tragedy of Enron is that it tells the truth about our world that the rules that we put in place for ourselves and our society don’t allow us to achieve greatness,” Lee said.

Lee is cast in the role of Ken Lay, a man who founded the Enron corporation and then watched helplessly as it fell to its demise under the management of Jeffrey Skilling (CEO) and Andy Fastow (CFO). Acting in the role has given him a taste of what these men were thinking when they attempted to “change the world.”

Lee said, “The people who change the world are the ones who want to make money or want to be remembered. The ones who do neither get neither.”

Enron tells the tale of a failed American Dream. It is a docudrama but also a tragedy. It warns us what can happen if you become blinded in a complex system of advancement and infinite options. Come and see the show this Friday, April 7 at UT Arlington (shows start at 2 p.m. and run back to back. Enron will be performing seventh.) to cheer on the cast and crew of Enron as they compete to advance to state!