Stress is a Mess


Jamie Hoover, Staff Writer

Stress. The dictionary defines this term as “the pressure or tension exerted on a material object” and in high school, students are these “material objects.” Many students have very high expectations to live up to, which causes them to push themselves past their limits. With homework, grades, tests, friends, and sports, kids in high school have many things to be stressed out about.

Junior Emily Kunz deals with stress, especially with approaching her senior year of high school. “Teachers give out so much homework when they know we have other things like the SAT and ACT to be worried about. We barely have any time to do things outside of school,” she said. Everyone deals with stress differently, but for Kunz, hanging out with friends helps her relax and have fun.

Junior Addison Miller has a lot on her plate, juggling school and a job. “Working right after school, then not coming home until 8:00 p.m. to start homework really stresses me out. I try my best to balance school and work, but it gets hard when my teachers pile homework on me,” Miller said.

Many high school students have jobs, which makes it difficult to make school their main priority. To manage her stress, Miller listens to music to take her mind off school and work.

Junior Natalie Ryan tries her best to not be stressed by staying organized. “With playing soccer two times a week, it gets tough coming home, eating, showering and then starting my homework at 10:00 p.m. Also, I get stressed when teachers make assignments due all on the same day.” Ryan says the best way to not stress over things is to stay organized. “For me, if I know exactly what I need to work on, then the only thing that would stress me out is not getting my homework done,” she said.

Junior Amira Prewitt gets most of her stress from the over abundance of homework she receives. According to Prewitt, teachers seem to give out homework all within the same day or week. “In order to manage my stress, I have developed really good time management skills. Knowing what homework I have and when it’s due helps relieve my stress,” she said.

Students are being pushed to extremes which causes them to break down emotionally, physically, and mentally. As long as you are able to find something that can take your mind off school, stress should not overpower you.