Weapons of Mass Percussion

Hannah Webb, Staff Writer

Keller High School’s band introduced a new program this year: indoor drumline. For it being the program’s inaugural year, the participants in the program have been shockingly successful, taking first place in their first competition and moving up into an entirely new division.

For junior Alex Shah, the program has not only helped him bond with his close friends, but it has also helped him become a better musician.

“Indoor drumline allows us to develop our skills and become better musicians, but it’s only a few hours a week, so it’s much more laid back than marching band is,” said Shah.

The indoor drumline team has become closer through practicing together each week, improving, and helping each other grow to be better musicians. Through winning competitions together and seeing their success pay off, they have been able to become a close-knit team.

“Everyone is friends with everyone, much like a family. Additionally, in indoor we feel more directly connected to the successes and failures of our team, which raises the stakes and makes it much more fun,” said Shah.

The members of indoor drumline all share a passion for their craft that only makes the team that much better, explaining their vibrant successes over the short time the program has been in existence.

“I am very passionate about drumline because although the musical skills we develop are great, skills such as how to work towards a goal or to be a part of a team are life skills that will stick with us for the rest of our lives,” said Shah.

Indoor drumline also helps the members improve their skills as musicians.

“Being in drumline has definitely pushed me a lot and helped me develop as a musician in a number of ways. Our music is faster than anything I’ve ever played and I have developed a much more finesse approach to playing rather than what was previously demanded,” said Shah.

Indoor drumline hopes to have further success in their competitions and to continue improving their skills as musicians through accountability within the team, with each member pushing the others to get better.