Four Years Flies

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

To freshmen, sophomores, and fellow juniors who feel like their time at Keller High School is never going to end, (seniors, I needn’t comfort you, most of you are pretty much coasting as it is) it will, and sooner than you may think.

If you feel like it is an uphill climb from here to the end of your high school career, and a slow, painful one at that, let me put it into perspective for you.

Juniors, you’re so close to senior year. Four years ago, you were in seventh grade. You were babies. Four short years later, better known as the present, you are hardly a year out from high school graduation.

Juniors, a decade ago, you were seven. While you were young, you were no infant. You understood how the world worked and all that jazz. A decade from now? Some of us will be married, married, maybe with kids, a steady job, or even a house.

Sophomores, you’re already almost halfway done with high school. (Frankly, I thought sophomore year was the hardest, so kudos to you for being almost done with it). If you thought these two years went by relatively quickly, imagine how fast the next two will go.

Junior year is an exciting time, a time to explore serious pathway classes, get a license or car, and look at college. With luck, that year will fly too due to the newfound motion in surrounding facets of your life. (Actually, I hardly even remember sophomore year.)

Freshmen, it is likely that purely getting used to the fact that you are in high school, the weird schedule and all that, has made you forget about the time you spent as a freshman. It’s almost over, and you have less than seventy school days left until summer comes your way. And then, in three years, that’s it, just three, you’ll be out the door.

Before we all know it, we’ll be having the time of our lives, or so I hope for all of you, happy with where you are and doing what you do, pursuing that life you have always wanted. Albeit for now, enjoy this turbulent, exciting time in your life, and create memories you can smile at in the not too distant future.