A Student’s Blog


Kate Romano, Staff Writer

Alter any average Sunday into a day filled with hope and positivity by taking a quick trip to a student’s blog.

Addison Miller is generous enough to share her loving and heartwarming thoughts with us every Sunday on her weekly blogs! Her inspiring views on life and passion of Christianity are beautifully combined in her excerpts.

At the young age of 16, Addison is already impacting people’s lives and dousing her optimism upon those who need it most. Addison’s dreams of spreading love and God’s word are not being slowed down by her busy life as a student athlete.

I have seen first hand how she can brighten everyone’s days and spread her never ending happiness. I’m so blessed to have Addison’s gleaming personality in my life and now you are able to also experience her views.

Her blogs consist of lifestyle and religion; connecting the events and struggles of our day to day lives to Christianity and God’s plan. If your beliefs align with these than I highly suggest visiting her blogs and starting off your day on a positive note.

Go grab yourself a warm cup of coffee and allow her words to inspire how you go about your day. Visit http://addisonmillerblog.wordpress.com and make your day a great one.