A Letter From The Chief

Join Spear-It Crew!

A Letter From The Chief

Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

Dear Mundane Student Body,

Here at Keller High School, clubs and organizations create a beautifully diverse student body. There are some places that deserve to be loved and recognized, and you should definitely think about joining them. Today in the club and organization spotlight is the Spear-It Crew.

The Spear-It Crew is a small but elite organization filled with Keller High School’s most spirited students on the field and off. Sponsors Laura Davis and Laura Vedda, (known as L squared to the crew) revived the club after a near dissolution of the crew, which would have required waving goodbye to the K–I-N-D-I-A-N-S we have come to know and love at every Keller varsity football game. However, the club has been saved and now is building itself back to the former glory that the crew once held.

The current chief of the Spear-it Crew is Kate Carlin, and she is looking for fresh, fit, spirited, and fun sophomores and juniors to add to the fleet of white overalls they wear every pep rally day.

“Many people believe crew is so weird,” Carlin states, “but you really just have to join to get the full family experience that crew offers here. We’re goofballs, but we’re some pretty dang cool goofballs if you ask me.”

Throughout the years of Keller spirit, the crew has been held responsible for pep rally skits, running the flags at the football games, and having light sabers present at every single KHS football game. Other neat things crew includes but isn’t limited to are: getting free sideline tickets to every single varsity football game including the visitor’s games (Abilene road trips are pretty freaking awesome), banging on trashcans at the games and  annoying the heck out of the opposing team, performing the Wiggalo with the cheerleaders and the band at games, going to freshman orientation and embarrassing incoming freshmen, and the pride and honor to say that you are in “da crew” whenever you introduce yourself to every single less spirited patron at KHS.

We here at Spear-It Crew, from our sponsors to our crew members, invite you to our orientation for new members in the coming months. Our student body needs YOU to be spirited, so why don’t you come and join the fun?

Come and join the snuggly and happy little band of weirdos, that to me, is a family, here at the KHS Spear-It Crew.

Happy spiriting!

From your chief,