Enron: Ask Why.

Enron: Ask Why.

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor and Student Life Editor

They said it would change America, but it ended up defining the end of the 20th century as we know it.

Enron: A company located in Houston, Texas that took advantage of its own employees and caused thousands of people to lose their life savings and their jobs. Enron CEO, Jeff Skilling, and founder, Ken Lay, were found guilty on several counts of fraud and conspiracy. Enron peaked to be worth $70 million before it came crashing down in October 2001. Beginning as a natural gas line company and expanding to become the world’s largest energy trading company and America’s seventh- largest corporation, Enron’s collapse has gone down in history as one of the worst business failures in American history.

If any of this peaks your interest, you will definitely want to attend Keller High School’s production of Enron by Lucy Prebble (coming to the KHS stage in March!) This play exhibits  the rise and fall of the Enron corporation and its adverse effects on the traders and analysts employed by the company. This show is a one-act production, and it will be entered into the 2017 UIL One-Act Play Competition beginning in March. There are various levels of advancement including district, bi-district, area, region, and state. If the show advances to state, the production will run until late April.

This show will star KHS seniors AJ Hayes as Jeff Skilling, Tanner Hudson as Andy Fastow, Ryan Lee as Ken Lay, and Karrin Tennant as Claudia Row. You won’t want to miss the excitement, so come cheer on the 2017 one-act play company in March as they prepare for Enron to hit the competition circuit. Dates and performance details to be announced.