Keller Band: Back-to-Back State Finalists


Meleah York, Staff Writer

The Keller Band participated in the UIL State marching competition in San Antonio on November 8th. After making finals at Bands of America San Antonio the previous Saturday, we were eager for that redemption from placing thirteenth. The band rested and rehearsed for the next two days until the big moment arrived; our UIL prelims performance. There were many distractions that day, such as the election and our anxiety for the show. In the end, we pulled together into one focused goal; have the time of our lives and perform our hearts out.

The band advanced to Wednesday’s finals round, the moment we had worked for all season. From those first summer days in August, to every football game, to every other competition, nothing else mattered except for pushing ourselves to our limit, not just for our school and our directors, but for ourselves.

The Keller Indian marching band placed fifth out of forty 6A bands and twelve finalists. This was the highest rank the band had ever received at a 6A UIL State competition.

You don’t realize what you have until it leaves you. The importance of it doesn’t really hit until everything is said and done, you’ve achieved this moment with over two hundred others, and the reality of the astonishing Keller Indian Band is that you’re a family. You pick each other up and fight for the person next to you. Marching band becomes routine and normal life for a long time. From August to November, you’re with the same people constantly, you’re playing the same music over and over again, and taking the same route across the field multiple times a day. While it can be a stressful thing, band becoming your life for the first part of school has some positives. Stress is shared, which makes life a little easier. Helping your peers out on the field carries over into classes, where upperclassmen are happy to help you with your chemistry homework and study groups are held in the mornings. Band really does become your life. And whether it has special meaning to you or not, at the end of the day you’re making an impact on the experience of someone else.

Concluding my first year on the varsity marching band as fifth place UIL finalists was a dream, the most amazing moment I’ve ever experienced to date. I look forward to what this band will be able to achieve in the future, while I’m here, while my little brother is here, and long after we’ve graduated. It has been an honor to be a part of the Keller band this season.

So, what next? Concert season is just beginning. The band will have their Winter Concert on Thursday, December 8th at 7:00 PM, come on out and show your support! As for the next marching season, keep an eye on that practice lot. We’re back to work in June 2017.