YouTubers of Keller ISD

YouTubers of Keller ISD

Allison Bracken, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

Being a YouTuber in this day and age is not an uncommon thing. Everyone who owns a camera and has something to say posts videos to this social media platform in hopes of gaining a following. With this following can come money and fame, or hate and an abundance of dislikes. Most people don’t ever make it big, but there are a few that do. Some of those few happen to go to school in KISD.

Michelle Reed, a former student here at Keller High, has a big following on YouTube. She started YouTubing in January of 2010. Reed has more than 270,000 subscribers and gaining more each day! Her channel, ‘ThisIsSmileyandShell’, contains many videos a week including morning routines, hauls, tags, and cute little vlogs, (video blogs) showing fun things she does on a day to day basis. Reed now attends college in New York City, and plans to continue making YouTube her career for years to come.

Being a, “social media influencer,” for a living comes with a lot of controversy. People do not understand that this is an actual well-paying job. These YouTubers, if they get enough views, can become millionaires.

Another Youtuber in Keller ISD went to Timber Creek High School, and his name is Aaron Fuller. During this year, his junior year, Fuller got a message saying that he won a contest to be in a collaboration channel with a popular YouTuber, Tana Mongeau. This meant he was to drop out of high school and move to Las Vegas to pursue his career along with a few others. The channel, TRASH, has about 190,000 subscribers, and are gaining many each day.

Being a YouTuber is said by many to, “not be a real job,” or, “a big waste of time.” A thing people don’t realize is that social media influencers are going on to star in movies and make their own films.

Don’t be so quick to judge a YouTuber for what they do. You never know, maybe one day you’ll be watching their movie.