We’re Like Congress, But A Lot More Effective

Hannah Webb, Staff Writer

Ah, Congress..the fine institution of our United States that somehow happens to remain in session for about 140 days each year but still manages to get almost nothing of any real value done. KHS happens to have its own “Congress” of sorts, however in my humble opinion it’s a lot more effective than our actual Congress.

The “Congress” I’m speaking of is Keller High School’s own Legislative branch of the Youth and Government club run by Mrs. McLaughlin. Many of you may be aware of the branch of the club known as “mock trial” (or the judicial branch), but Legislative is a lesser-known aspect of Youth and Government many of you may not be aware of.

The ultimate goal of Legislative is to create a bill controversial enough to spark debate, but sensible enough to be argued and passed through Congress. Legislative spends the school year up until the District competition on November 19 perfecting bills of our own. We come up with our bill ideas, write the bills, perfect our arguments to get the bills passed, and practice debating according to parliamentary procedure.

Through parliamentary procedure, we learn a lot about debate and how debate functions in a formal “courtroom” type of setting. It’s a great way to learn more about how government really functions if that’s something you’re interested in.  

At District, we debate our bills in small groups called committees in hopes of persuading those in our committee to pass our bills. At State, it’s basically the same concept but on a larger scale. First we debate in committees again, then we debate in a larger setting with more people. Typically this is known as the “House.”

All the bills we write relate to issues at the state level, because at State and District we model the Texas legislative branch and not the United States legislative branch. Other than this one guideline, a bill can be written about any issue the writer wants to fix, or anything the writer feels strongly about.

Legislative is an amazing club for anyone who is passionate about fixing issues in their community or state. It’s a way for people who have ideas to get them out there and see how practical their solutions are. You can also become closer with a small group of people who have similar interests as you do.

While Legislative may not have many members and may not be extremely well-known, those who participate in it love what they do and work towards inciting change in their own unique ways.