Ten and Two

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Driver’s education is a rite of passage. A gateway or hall pass, if you will, into young adulthood. Six plus months of waiting after you earn your permit, one or more trips to the DMV. A stressful test. Will you have to parallel park? Sitting in a classroom or online, it must be done.

We all have that one friend of a friend who waits until they are 18, due to reasons that are their own, to get their license. One of two ways students seem to go, start as soon as they are 15 or put it off for as long as they are able.

In a Twitter survey taken by twelve students, 58% of the vote lended to the idea that more people preferred to start as soon as possible. The other 42% said they put it off for some period of time instead.

Pros and cons must be weighed when making the decision of when to start driver’s ed. Will you have a job within the next year? Do you go places often enough, soccer practice, a friend’s place or otherwise, to where it is a pain to have your parents drop you off and pick you up all the time? Do you have enough time to spare during the week to spend on lessons and supervised driving once you have your permit?

All of these must be taken into consideration, but when the time is right, have fun on the road!