Start Studying

Maggie Coleman

With the cool fall breeze and turning of leaves, midterms and standardized tests are soon to follow. Notoriously hard to study for, many students stress and freak out over the anticipation that builds up over the weeks leading up to the tests. Don’t worry! They may sound scary and intimidating, but if you study and prepare ahead of time, your mind will feel at ease, and may even help your focus. Ahead are some helpful tips for your test worries.  

1. Don’t procrastinate!
I know it’s difficult, but getting your work done on time can help  stress concerning schoolwork. Along with less stress, getting work done ahead of time allows for quality material that isn’t done at 11:30 pm the night before it’s due.

2. Take a break.
If you’ve been studying for 3 hours straight, chances are you need a break. You can’t possibly cram that much information into your brain at once, and taking small breaks at regular intervals while studying helps you retain more of the information.

3. Stay organized.
There’s no way you can complete your chemistry homework or study for a big test if you don’t know when it’s due. Keep a planner or update a calendar with upcoming projects and assignments, so you don’t show up to school and forget to do something. Not only is this convenient, but it helps stress levels to see everything that you need to do. This is a good habit to learn not only for high school, but for college and life as well.

4. Make a plan.
Chart out everything that needs to be done, or make lists. Don’t forget to specifically plan out time intervals to complete each task, so you aren’t up late trying to finish everything.

5.Test yourself!
The best way to know if you’re prepared for an exam is to make practice questions or use a review and test yourself over the given material. This way, you know your strengths and weaknesses, and can tailor your study material accordingly. It may seem a bit excessive, but I promise it’s worth it.