A Legendary Election

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Without a doubt, the election of 2016 will go down in history. Whether that is in a good way is to be determined.

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton has been the talk of the nation for weeks, if not months, as the red hot campaign featuring debates with viewers in the millions blazes a trail in the history book. (Hopefully not really, but…) Clinton and Trump are everywhere, from television to newsletters, magazines and now, the school newspaper. Will they ever leave us alone?

 In light of this, first time voters, or those just under the cusp, gave us their thoughts.

“I know you’re not supposed to just not vote, but given the choice between two equally awful candidates, that’s what I would do,” said senior Kate Nickols.

“I’m not saying I want Trump, I don’t want Hillary, I hate them both, Trump is just the little bit lesser of the two evils,” senior Eden McCracken said.

Fellow classmate, and of course senior, Allyssa Graafsma, took a different outlook toward the inquiry, telling us what she thought of the incoming wave of new voters that are her peers.

“[I’m] realizing how ignorant people really are, mostly around my age to 25,” she said.

Furthermore, she explained how heavily media influences the thoughts of those around her and getting ready to vote.

“People [are] relying on media and not looking into the actual news or debates or any sort of reliable information. It’s frustrating,” Graafsma said.

It appears as though more and more people seem indecisive toward these two people with very strong personalities, a hothead with a spray tan who says exactly what is on his mind, and someone who is known to be a bit of a liar and calls everyone racist deplorables. As the election draws closer by the day, we can only wait to see what kind of outcome this yields.