The Keller Band is State Bound!


Meleah York, Staff Writer

This past weekend (October 29th) the Keller Indian Band competed at the UIL Area B competition at Pennington Field. Although up against other prestigious and incredibly talented bands such as L.D. Bell and Duncanville, Keller placed first overall and is headed to San Antonio!

In prelims Keller placed fourth, making it into finals. Only the top five of the ten finalists would be moving on to State in San Antonio. Having performed their show in the light of morning, the band looked forward to the effect that the darkness of night would have on the emotion of the show.

Being a member of the Keller band, I definitely noticed the significant difference between competing in finals at a Bands of America competition versus competing in finals at UIL Area. When you make finals at BOA, that’s it. You’re at the top, you fight for your rank and it’s one of the most fun performances you’ll ever have. That was me last year, and although I was a junior varsity prop, performing in BOA Grand Nationals Finals was one of the greatest moments and feelings of my life.

UIL Area was completely different. The stakes were the highest they’d been all season. This single finals performance, our last one in the outdoors under the intense stadium lights, determined the end of our marching season. But we weren’t planning on ending it right there.

We wanted this. Badly.

With the stakes so high, I assumed that everyone would be freaking out and stressing, worried about every single moment crashing and burning. Instead, it was the complete opposite. We walked onto Pennington Field unquestionably calm, cool, and collected. We wanted this moment to count and were more ready than we ever had been.

The responsiveness of the crowd, whether fans of Keller or of other bands, was astounding. Keller performed their hearts out, laying everything they had on the field. Placements didn’t matter anymore; this was all about us as a family. Whether the results showed that we were going to State or not, the way we performed united all of us. If you take a look at the picture of our reaction to the announcement of winning first place, you’ll see a snapshot of a family realizing what they can achieve together.

As always, the band is back to daily evening rehearsals after the short celebration of the victory at Area. On Saturday, November 5th, Keller heads to San Antonio to compete in Bands of America Super Regionals. They’ll stay over the weekend to compete in prelims at UIL State on Tuesday, November 8th. If they make it to State finals, they will compete Wednesday against some of the best bands in Texas. Be thinking about your peers in the band next week as they represent Keller High School in one of the most incredible ways possible. Until then, the Keller Band will be working hard at practice each day, continuing to “Ascend” towards success.