Student Section

Haley Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

Okay, let’s be honest, no one goes to Keller Football games to actually watch football anymore. With an 1-8 record, we aren’t necessarily the talk of high school football right now, but put us on the Twitter student section, and our students will usually catch the W. This year? Not so much.

I’ve been thoroughly let down by our student section. Our previous bleacher creatures kept the students excited, involved and supportive. This year they show up halfway through the game with no motivation. No matter how bad the football team is, the student section is supposed to be lit. Sadly, it was the opposite this year.

Half of the section brought silly string, glitter balloons and air horns, but then were ridiculed when they used it. Not only by administration but by students themselves. In the past, football games were where the entire student body could come together and be excited for the same thing. Jumping, yelling, baby powder and signs. But this year most of the students cared more about how their hair looked in pictures than joining in to cheer. No amount of cute cheerleaders could whip this student section into shape.

Yeah, I admit, it is hard to cheer for a team that’s not doing too well, but it probably isn’t any easier for the football players to perform with no support. Not only were the football players let down, but our legendary Keller High School Band saw little to no enthusiasm from the bleachers this year. In the past “stand for band” was a great way to show band kids that all their hard work was appreciated. But instead of sucking it up for 5 more minutes and staying on their feet, a majority of the kids sat down for halftime. I know from talking to band that seeing the lack of love for their organization hurt them, especially compared to the drastically different student section that loved and supported band last year.

Now if the students couldn’t stand for five minutes during half time, what makes anyone think they’d suffer through the fourth quarter. Almost all of the games came to a close with already empty bleachers and sad fans. I’m guilty of leaving early simply because the student section wasn’t fun and no one person could fix it.

This was my last football season as a high school student, and I can say, along with many other seniors, it was a real letdown. I encourage next year’s seniors to take charge! You don’t need the bleacher creature title to lead the student section or show your school spirit! And I encourage the rest of the student body to be involved. Don’t let that be taken as a free pass for underclassmen to steal the seniors’ spots in the front.

Just don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself at a football game. If everyone had that mindset, the student section would be 1000x better than what it was last year. Your four years here go by fast so don’t let them go to waste. There’s only so many games and so many memories you can cram into your high school career, and trust me, football games can be the best of those memories if you let them.