Silence The Lipsticks

Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

Popularity is everything to a teenage girl in High School. We often think about our outward appearance rather than our inner beauty. The female race is taken by the thoughts of others. So much they often spend too much time obsessing over the way they look thinking that perfection is the limit. Popularity is NOT A REQUIREMENT! As we get caught up in how we need to dress, and how we need to act we often lose sight of what is most important which is being yourself, and focusing on building better relationships with friends by doing homework together, going to the mall, or catching a movie. By doing simple things like these I guarantee that you will view yourself and others in a whole new way! Not only will you see a change in yourself but others will start to notice something in you as well. We can all use improvements on our character, and this is an excellent way to start!