Be Beautiful!

Haley Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

“We know you’ve seen the cute new shirts, now check out what Operation Beautiful is all about! *Link here*”

Operation Beautiful is a club that targets the self esteem of students and promotes positivity. The club meets before and after school once a month and is open to all students throughout the year. The club is run by Mrs. Folger and Mrs. Blank along with a committee of students. One of them being senior Chloe Stuart.

“My favorite thing about it is seeing people choose to be a little kinder after leaving one of our meetings?” Chloe said. The purpose of Operation Beautiful is to be respectful to all, foster kindness, and spread positivity in all aspects of Keller High School.

Last year the club successfully established our school as the first “No Place For Hate” campus in the area. With ‘parties on the patio’ and cute t-shirts, Operation Beautiful caught the attention of students last year.

“To people who might join or want to, all are welcome!” Chloe welcomes members of all grades and groups to add to their total of almost 300 members this year.

They are known for their sticky note compliments. It’s an activity where club members write a message to a group such as the janitorial staff and post them on their doors to show appreciation and love.

“If you join Operation Beautiful, we hope that Keller High School can become a place where everyone feels safe, loved, respected and cared for.” Chloe assures.

If you’re interested in joining or just want to know how to get involved see Mrs. Folger or Blank! Anyone in their eye catching t-shirts would be happy to answer your questions, Chloe Stuart for example.

“We want to foster a safe school, one that’s full of inclusion and kindness! That’s our whole goal.”