What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer/ Broadcast Journalism

The leaves are changing into beautiful oranges and purples and yellows, the wind is breezy, and pumpkin spice is all around! I don’t know about you, but for me, autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! There’s so many fun and festive things to do (and to post about to make your friends jealous)! There’s lots of candy to eat, seasonal drinks, fall clothes (bring out the scarves!), pumpkin carving, corn mazes, haunted houses, and so much more! But grab a big bag of popcorn, comfy clothes, and a few good friends, and you’ve got the perfect setting scary movies! Watching a scary or suspenseful movie can be one of the most fun parts fall! There are so many great horror films out there, and it can be difficult to chose just one as a favorite. So I was wondering what some of the students at Keller high think of the matter, and here are some of their favorites with their favorite scenes:

Silence of the Lambs” – Danni Brooks

Either Annabelle or The Conjuring” – Ellie Johnson

“I’m not allowed to watch them.” Kadence Sharp

“The Shinning- It’s suspenseful, and my favorite scene is whenever the twin girls ride their bike down the hallway, and it’s really creepy.”- Julianna Madrid

“The Woman in Black- Probably um when the guys are taking the child out of the mud.” – Abby Brian

“The Babadook- Where she kills the dog.” –Jackson Bruce (That’s harsh)

“Poltergeist- When the clown doll pops up from under the bed.”- Alex Foster

“Poltergeist- When the clown came to life.”- Jared Eiken

“The Conjuring 2- Any jump scare, but no specific one.” -Chance Lawrence

“The Visit- When the main character screams super loud,”- Christy smith

“Insidious- When the demon is crawling across the wall because I found that really funny.”- Sammy Van Aken

“Halloween- My favorite part is when they are crossing the street, and they think that someone is the killer so they chase after them and the person they chase after gets hit by an ambulance and yeah.” –Parker Morgan

“HalloweenTown- My favorite scene is when he sings in the snow.” –Jamie Hoover

“The Visit- The oven scene,” –Callahan Kelly

The results vary quite a lot, which just proves how many great options we have to choose from when it comes to what horror film we want to watch. My best advise after hearing of all these creepy films would be to always remember to check underneath your bed for monsters before you go to sleep because you never know what might be watching you waiting to kill you.. um, Just kidding.. but seriously you guys, watch a good horror film this fall, you won’t regret it.. and don’t get too scared!