KHS in the Community

Hannah Webb , Staff Writer

As students at Keller High School, we’re very lucky to have an enormous variety of clubs to be involved in. Every club has a unique purpose, concept, and vision. One of the many clubs at KHS, and one that most of you may not know very much about, is the KHS Interact Club.

The central focus of Interact Club is to get members involved in different parts of Keller and the surrounding area. The club does several projects throughout the duration of the year that are centered around helping the community.

“Interact Club does several community service activities to help others in the community,” described Katherine Kirkpatrick, a member this year of the Interact Club.

Kirkpatrick joined Interact Club because she wanted to find a new group of friends while also benefitting Keller and the surrounding area, and says that she loves to see the people who are personally benefitted by the work they do.

“My favorite part of Interact Club is the people we help during our projects,” said Kirkpatrick.

“Anyone who wants a good group of people to spend time with and wants to help others should join.”

Interact Club has huge potential in a community like Keller. Generally speaking, the city of Keller is extremely well-off financially and in terms of school districts. As a result, many people believe there’s not much that can be done to get involved and help out in the community.

However, there are a variety of ways to help the community, even in a town such as Keller. That’s why there’s such a need for a club like Interact Club at Keller High School and in Keller. A club like this provides an example to KHS students and Keller citizens in general that there truly is a need for assistance in our community.

“We can really benefit our community by helping those around us and showing that people still care about others,” said Kirkpatrick of Interact Club’s goals.

If you’re interested in joining Interact Club, you can come to any meeting and get involved. The organization meets on Thursdays, either in the mornings at 7:45 or in the afternoons at 4:00 pm.