The Man of the Hour

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor/ Student Life Editor

“You’ve got to be passionate about what you do to have an impact.”

Wise words from the this year’s homecoming king and top ten student in the graduating class of 2017, Robert Cascella is a student who has not only impacted countless students at Keller High School but has been a valued student, member of the community, and leader since the moment he stepped onto the Keller High School campus.

“I would say that I’ve matured and changed over the years. I feel like I’m more well-rounded, just the activities that I’ve been involved in, like special olympics or Hosa competitions, having to lead a group of people and realizing that grades aren’t everything. You’ve got to live a little. You’ve got to pick your sacrifices and battles. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

The pressure to maintain GPA, lead a large group of students, and be involved can be a daunting task, but Cascella shares that over the course of his high school career, he has discovered that it’s not perfection that he’s striving for, but success.

“In general, it’s just the pursuit of a successful life and a successful career, you have to get the grades to go to college, you have to get the degree to get a career.”

And it’s evident to anyone that knows him that it’s not just about numbers for Cascella, but pursuing his dream of someday impacting the world by doing what he loves best.

“I want to be a doctor. [Chemistry and physics] were such a great introduction to advanced science and what I want to do in life.”

Advanced science is certainly not for everyone (certainly not for me at least), and Cascella’s rare passion for the field has led him to pursue leadership positions in school communities that explore the very concepts and interests he loves so much.

“I’m in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). I got into that immediately freshmen year, and I started competing. Junior year, went to nationals, that was fun. Chemistry club was founded last year, and I thought that was so awesome, and there was only like five juniors in it last year so we had to recreate the club this year, and we had 35 people come from all four grades at our first meeting a few weeks ago, so it sounds like we’re on our way to building it back up again. It’s fun. All we do is set stuff on fire.”

Whether it’s a leading a group of students who just love science or helping a friend with school work, Cascella has invested not only in his own goals and aspirations, but also in the pursuits of his peers. He acknowledges his gratitude for getting to be a part of such a wonderful graduating class and reflects on his recent homecoming experience.

“To be honest, I didn’t even think I was going to homecoming this year at all. I’ve never been before, and I didn’t expect I was going, so when I found out I was nominated that was insane and winning was just, there was so many qualified people on the court. I know all of them. I like all of them. It was an amazing experience, just surreal. Thinking back to the homecoming experience I just had, I would go to the homecoming games. I would go to the football games and the homecoming dance and just some of the things I told myself I didn’t have time for but I probably could have done.”


So what’s next? The year is far from over, and one can’t be too sure of the specifics but one thing is for certain: wherever life takes this stellar student, peer, and friend, it’ll be a destination worth the sacrifices and commitment along the way.