Homecoming or Halloween?

Homecoming or Halloween?

Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a tradition that high schools have taken part in for years. It’s a time to welcome home graduates of Keller and celebrate current students. While these are the main goals of homecoming, it’s also a time to have fun with events such as the parade, dance, and the football game. Another fun feature that comes with homecoming are the dress up days. Each day has an assigned theme and students are encouraged to dress as fun as possible! Here are each day’s themes:

MONDAY: The week was kicked off with a throwback to the 1970’s where students could wear their best 70’s attire.

TUESDAY: Fast forward ten years and you hit the 1980’s when movie making was at its peak. Tuesday was a day where students could dress up as their favorite 80’s movie characters.

WEDNESDAY: From boy bands to grunge rock, the 1990’s was known for its iconic musicians. On Wednesday students could dress up as their favorite 90’s musicians.

THURSDAY: With the majority of Keller High School growing up in the 2000’s, everyone has watched all the popular TV shows from the turn of the century. On Thursday students could dress as their favorite 2000’s TV characters.

FRIDAY: Following tradition, Friday was a day to show KHS spirit and wear anything blue and gold, as well as all the Texas sized mums.