About A Young Musician: Jackson Reddy


Jackson Reddy

Snapshot of Reddy performing on his Twitter profile.

Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer

As we walk the Keller High halls, we see hundreds of students each day. An athlete here, a straight-A student there, a pretty face, and so on. What many people don’t realize is that a great amount of teens here at KHS are far more than just students. For someone like Jackson Reddy, being just a student at this age isn’t part of his plans.

Jackson Reddy is a 15-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician. At such a young age he has chosen music as much more than just a hobby. While juggling his sophomore year, he makes his own music as well as covering songs by bands such as The Grateful Dead and The Lumineers.

“It seems as if he’s always got a guitar in his hands, and if he doesn’t, he’s lost in space thinking about new lyrics or chords he could put together when he gets home,” a close friend admits.

Inspired at a young age by bands such as The Eagles and Journey, Reddy has always had a love for music. He took lessons at a young age which started him off, but pretty soon he graduated into teaching himself much more. He was obsessed at the start, claiming he “just couldn’t get enough.”

Many students at KHS make their own music. We have many young artists roaming our halls every day, but the thing that makes Reddy different is the unique sound in his own music. Describing his music as “alternative indie rock mixed with blue grass twang and a spice of folkish spirit” goes to say that he is an all around original artist.

The young musician told us he would love to carry this on as a career eventually as he gets older. Although he has only played in small settings, he admits he wants to start performing in front of larger crowds. Reddy may be performing at this year’s talent show or making a soundcloud profile for his own music recordings. Though, if you’re like us and can’t wait to see what this young mind comes up with, Reddy posts small clips of his covers and original songs on his twitter profile (@dedjax).