Rise and Shine


Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that high school isn’t the most fun thing in the world. We would all (probably) much rather be sleeping in, watching Netflix, eating what we wanted when we wanted, and not having to worry about upcoming quizzes, due homework assignments, and everything that entails.

But some days, it is honestly really hard to just get out of bed in the morning. You feel exhausted, you absolutely do not want to deal with people. You feel overwhelmed with school work, you feel like everything is bombarding you at once, like you are drowning, like you cannot be able to get everything done. Good news is, you are not the only one who feels this way.

Here are some ways to make those mornings hopefully a little bit easier:

Let us start by trying to nip a part of the problem in the bud; go to sleep at an appropriate time. Do not procrastinate homework. Trust me, I know it’s hard. Try to start getting better at this by rewarding yourself. “If I finish this assignment, I can watch one episode of this show.” Have self-restraint. Know when it is time to get things done. It is not as bad once you get going.

Take every opportunity you can during school. Have half an hour of free time in class? Use that time to finish tomorrow’s homework. That is that much less you have to do when you get home. Yay free time!

If you do not already, gradually shift to taking showers in the morning. This will give you something you know you have to do. Warm water calms you down and wakes you up at the same time. If no one else goes after you, take a long shower. Who cares? Just make sure you wake up early enough to do this and still have time to get ready. Lay out today’s outfit out the previous night.

That much less time you spend picking it out today. It’s the little things that can make a difference.

If you do not already, go to tutorials. Having problems with a concept in a certain class? Go see a teacher for help. Trust me, it will make it so much easier, having a better understanding of something. That is less time you spend trying to struggle through the homework by trying to figure it out yourself. It is a weight off your shoulders. Less stress for you. Good things!

Take time for yourself. Spend an afternoon after school in your room with your door shut and listen to music. Dance. All work and no play makes for a boring life. Spend time on the phone with someone you enjoy talking to. Make plans for the weekend so you have something to look forward to. It might make the week seem to go by faster.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize it, but watch your friends and who you hang out with. Are they making you feel included? Do you walk away feeling good about yourself, are you looking forward to seeing them again? It is human nature to stay near and dear to things you are familiar with. Maybe you have known this group of people for years. Where else would you fit in, right?

Wrong. If you are deliberating about life choices while reading this, make a change. It’s okay. Change is good. Find new people to talk to. I have no doubt there are in fact other people in this very situation. Do not be afraid. It’s high school, a place to help you figure out who you are, a place to grow where you are planted.

It’s going to be okay.