Who is John Kznarich?

Who is John Kznarich?

Thomas Winzeler

Staff Writer

In the 400 Hall at Keller High School, there’s two big name teachers. First, there’s the “no smoking, drinking, you’re going to die early if you don’t stay healthy,” Caryn Pierce. Then there’s the “enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, business” Coach John Kznarich.  

Coach K is widely famous and well known by almost everyone. He is loved by all his current and former students who have had him during his 15 years at the school. Virtually all say “he was the best teacher at Keller High School. Even better than Coach Bundy”. So with all this talk about how great Coach K is, it’s now time to ask: who is Coach K?

Coach K is a man who has been teaching for 31 years, though teaching was not his first job. He started out working at a radio station as account representative; selling, writing and producing radio advertisements. He decided he wanted to teach because he always enjoyed working with high school students in the basketball camps he coached at, so he went back to college for a year after he worked for the radio station. He decided to go back to to Arizona State University and obtained his second degree which was in post baccalaureate secondary education. He also got his first degree at Arizona State University and that degree was a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Coach K first started teaching at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona. He was there for seven years before becoming a Head Boys Basketball coach at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix, Arizona. He was at Mountain Pointe for six years before returning to Corona del Sol for two years, and finally began teaching at Keller in Fall of 2001.  He has been teaching at Keller for 15 years. He chose to teach at Keller because it was the first district he interviewed with that offered him a job. He’s been enjoying teach at Keller ever since.

He first started coaching while he was in college at “Arizona State University”. He was also a Freshman Boys coach at Paradise Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s currently the assistant coach for the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team. He chose to coach basketball because he played it in high school and college. So it was natural and easy for him to coach.

What makes Coach K want to get up in the morning, come to work and teach, is that he really enjoys interacting with the students. “Teaching an elective” he says, “means most are interested in my classes, so they enter the class with an interest and energy that is easy to feed off of.”  In his free time, Coach K likes to cook. He’s taken a number of cooking classes and enjoy creating a dish family and friends will enjoy. He also enjoys being outdoors, from working in the yard, to playing golf or tennis. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and kids.

In three words, Coach K describes himself as “Enthusiastic, energetic and friendly.” When asked why, he simply replied, “I enjoy what I do and believe it shows the way in which I live my life. Life is simple, and I try to keep it that way and enjoy it to the fullest”.