A Life Through Lines and Brushes


Hannah Webb

Staff Writer

As stated in the dictionary, the word “art” is a noun defined as the quality, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. For Krusha Shah, a sophomore at KHS, the meaning of art goes much deeper than something that simply looks pretty.

“For me, the definition of art is something that you create based on your views of reality. It’s what you see, how you see the world through your eyes,” said Shah.

Shah’s love for art has been with her since she was just a kid in elementary school, and she’s been drawing anything and everything for as long as she can remember. Shah officially began taking art classes in 6th grade. Art is something she excels in, fueling her love for it even more.

“Art was something that I enjoyed doing and it came to me naturally. It was just really easy for me to do, a way for me to express my emotions,” Shah commented on her humble beginnings in creating art.

While Shah has taken a variety of art classes throughout her life, her favorite art class is the one she is currently in, Art 2 Drawing Pre-AP. The class focuses on what has long been her favorite aspect of art—drawing.

“I love shading and using different values. I’m a very detail-oriented person, so I like expressing that part of me on paper,” explained Shah.

This kind of detail Shah depicts in her pieces is often the reason people enjoy viewing her work. The amount of time she puts into capturing every fine point of her subject is incredible. When viewing any piece of hers, the vast amount of patience and focus required to illustrate objects in the way she does is apparent.

“My art teacher says I’m a very visual person. I tend to work slower on artwork than other people might, but I pay attention to the small things and make sure I get them down on paper. That’s the thing people notice about my artwork,” said Shah.

Shah finds it easiest to express details when drawing things in nature; working best when she is outdoors.  Outside, sunlight hits everything in different ways, creating places of different light and dark values. And it’s for this exact reason that Shah enjoys drawing outside the most.

“The lighter and darker places enhance your artwork. There are a variety of things to look at and some things stand out more than others. When I see things outside, it’s easy for me to put them down on paper and make them into my own. It helps me understand the world,” Shah commented.

Shah’s love for art is a prime example of the great effect it can have on the lives of the viewers. Art has the ability to truly change lives, depending on how it is seen. While some may live their lives through words, and some through notes on paper turned into beautiful noises, Shah lives her life through lines and brushstrokes, and she plans on keeping it that way.