Battle Cries or Battle Lies?


Mackenzie Tomlinson

Staff Writer

Pep rallies. October 22nd, 2015, the day they changed forever.

Time and time again I had joined arms with my sweaty peers and jumped around in a circle screaming, and to what avail? No rewards ever came to those of us not graduating next year, be it during the ceremonial chants or balancing an egg on our heads and walking 5 meters. Somehow, the seniors, no matter how much they appeared to lose by, walked away victorious.

The rest of us were fed up. Why should we come to pep rallies, if our hopes are only to be crushed time and time again in the cold, unforgiving hands of senior privilege? Why should we participate in the silly little activities if there is no glory? Even if we tie or even win, our small joy is ripped from us and given to the ever growing egos of the seniors? Perhaps we should just all sit back and watch the seniors do the games. The outcome would be the same.

But that all changed yesterday. The juniors won the Battle Cry.

Long last, the sweet taste of victory was restored to someone who isn’t the class of 2016. For the first time this year, a true, unbiased winner was crowned by KHS’ one and only Coach Clark, the only guest judge who has not been bribed with small, unmarked bills. We are the champions! We are the champions! (Until the senior pep rally next week.)

Video Here