Keller High Construction Schedule


Jack Steyer

Staff Writer 

This construction is getting on just about everyone’s nerves; the biggest complaint easily being the crowded hallways. Yes, it’s a huge pain in all of our butts, but almost everyone will benefit from these renovations.

If you’re one of those people, like myself, where the small band hall doesn’t affect you the slightest and you’re just waiting for the construction to be over so you can go through the front entrance again, then make yourself comfortable. Construction will be a part of Keller High for the foreseeable future, extending from now until December of next year.

Some of you might want to know when all this stuff is going to be finished right now, and that’s why I’m here friends. What I have below is the schedule for all the construction that has-and will-take place in the school. So feel free to take a peek if you absolutely need to know.