Academic Decathlon


Alex Ditman

Staff Writer 

With grades and GPA scores becoming more important to high school students, it seems like more people should know about the Academic Decathlon class. This discrepancy might be because it might not sound interesting or like something only “nerds” would do. However on the contrary, joining the Academic Decathlon serves a purpose; you have the opportunity to sharpen your skills in certain classes, stand out among college applicants, and learn something different each year while meeting new people.

Besides getting to work with different people, the students who participate get to work with an amazing teacher! Mrs. Lynch. She’s known to be tough and occasionally scary, but working with her will benefit you in so many ways. You will learn to work and strive for what you want, and she will give you never-ending support; isn’t that what we want from all our teachers? I think yes!

If you have decided you want to join, or at least to look into it, you will have to wait until next year.  But when you sign up, don’t forget that it’s an actual class period and requires a ton of time and devotion. Before you get accepted into the class, you must attend a meeting with the teachers, during which they will give you an overview, and allow you to think about it. Even upon acceptance into the class, it’s possible that they will choose to cut people later in the year after they evaluate everyone’s skills. Although, if you are cut, you can try again next year!

Academic Decathlon will open many doors for you, bringing nothing but more opportunity. I hope whoever reads this will take an interest and think about joining! Teachers always love to have new students.