Stuff You Need to Know: Art in the Square Volunteering

Stuff You Need to Know: Art in the Square Volunteering

Michelle Mirza | Jessica Hoffman 

Staff Writer | Photo and Culture Editor

Do you like facepainting, being around kids, collecting tickets, and seeing individual works of art? Then volunteering at Art in the Square should be your next goal in life.

It will be held in Southlake Town Square on April 24th – April 26th. The times range from 9:45 am to 8:30 pm, depending on your shift.

Volunteers are required to check-in for their shifts at the volunteer tent that is located close to Malouf’s on Main Street. Please remember to check-in 15 minutes prior to your assigned shift.

If you are generally a forgetful person, then give your cell phone number to receive a reminder text message. And if you are REALLY forgetful, give the volunteer coordinator your email to receive an email reminder three days prior to your shift.

Now to address the subject of clothing. Please, please, please dress appropriately. This means no short shorts, midriff baring tops or muscle shirts. Also, if you are helping with set up or clean up, please wear old clothes and closed toed shoes just in case you get dirty.

Art in the Square will go on, rain or shine, so make sure you come prepared for any kind of weather. If the weatherman says that the sun is going to beat down on you like a sun of a gun, then wear sunscreen. If the weatherman says that Niagara Falls is relocating to Southlake, then bring an umbrella. Etc., etc., etc.

Now that all the requirements are out of the way, onto the actual events!

  1. Kid’s Korner, is the perfect opportunity to be around adorable little kids who, for once in their life, sit still long enough for you to amateurly paint butterflies and superheroes on their plump cheeks. You can also aid the kids in other arts and crafts all the while getting the chance to try out your foam hat decorating skills. How convenient, right?
  2. If you like to live on the wild side, you can volunteer at the Rock Wall and Bungee Jump station. Make sure you come pumped because you will be working a longer shift but do not worry, you will get a 30 minute break from all the madness. Here you are responsible for assisting the children and making sure they safely climb Mount Everest and bungee jump their adrenaline junkie heads off. Please do not take that literally, I am pretty sure the parents do not want their kids coming back looking like the Headless Horseman.
  3. The third thing you can volunteer at is the inflatable section, a.k.a., the Zone. Your very important duty is to take tickets from customers (most likely consisting of barely four feet in height) and to supervise the children at each inflatable. As tempting as it is to join in with the little rascals, you must resist and stay in your “zone” of supervision.
  4. And if you are not really into the whole screaming kids scene and want to try out hanging around the grown-ups, you have the option to volunteer for Setup or Cleanup! It is pretty self-explanatory already but all you do is, well, set up. You can help setup the arts and crafts, the painting tables, inflatables, and even the setting up of toddlers. (Just kidding, do not do that. Boys have cooties anyways.)

Now that you have all of the information needed to ensure that your “Art in the Square experience” will be wonderful, make sure you sign up ASAP!! You can do so at under the ‘Volunteers’ tab. The spots are filling up fast and, trust me, you  do not want to miss out on this wonderful experience!