Clay Jumps


Jacob Mitchell

Staff Writer

The Olympic sport of high jump may not be the most popular sport in high school, but that doesn’t stop sophomore Clay Brewer from being the best he can be at jumping over a bar.

Brewer has been high jumping for just three years and is already on the fast track to being a star. Brewers Dad has been a big influence on him ever since he started.

“The reason I got into high jump was because my Dad was a collegiate high jumper for Oklahoma State,” Brewer said.

The public may not know much about the sport of high jump but Brewer thinks that its a simple and fun sport.

“High jump meets are organized by the height of a jump. Each jumper gets three attempts at each height before the bar is moved up 5 centimeters or 2 inches.” Brewer said.

Brewers latest meet was the Dallas Jesuit Sheaner Relays, where Brewer did remarkably well.

“After a 4 way jump off between me and three seniors at a height of 6”4’, I got 1st place,” Brewer said.

You may think that Brewers goals would be to make the Olympics, but he has his mind set on something a little different.

“I make different competitive goals every year, but my main goal is to eventually beat my Dads personal record of 223 centimeters or 7”3’ ¾,” Brewer said.