Beautifully Empowered


Sam Mohr

Self-defense usually is not taught in schools, but the ability to protect one’s self is a vital skill that young adults everywhere should inhabit.

To promote these skills, Operation Beautiful and Lora Folger will be sponsoring a safety awareness and self-defense course on Thursday, Jan. 22 from 4pm to 5pm in the lecture hall.

Officer Fegius and security guard Jennel Oberly will be running program. This is a come one, come all event, so invite anyone you know.

“Anyone can come,” Folger said. “Staff, students, their friends from other schools, anyone in the community. Some people are even bringing their moms.”

This class is meant to keep young adults prepared for any possibly dangerous situation by themselves.

“What we want to do is to empower people to feel [safe] and to be aware if you are going to be alone,” Folger said.

Mrs. Folger knows first hand how dangerous traveling alone can be. The fact that one of her loved ones was put into a fight or flight situation inspired her to bring self-defense classes here.

“As a mother I’ve had young girls who had gone off to college and my youngest daughter was followed at the University of Texas in Austin.” Folger said. “She always thought that I was scaring her in order to be safe and after that happened to her, she had to run into a building and call the police and give a description of the person.”

It is always better to be safe than sorry and Folger’s daughter came to that realization after escaping a potential abduction.

“So she really felt like ‘you were right mom’ and realized that she needed to be more aware not to ever walk alone,” Folger said.

Even as an adult, self-defense skills can come in handy in everyday settings such as parking lots or college campuses.

“I used to be in medical sales,” Folger said. “And at at times I would have to do inservicing at all hours of the night, and [needed] to be aware in parking lots and when I was alone in the dark.”

You can apply self defense skills in any situation and it is a necessity for your own safety. It is beautiful to be empowered. Be sure to attend the course on thursday in the lecture hall and bring a friend!