Post Production



Emily Ann Meagher

Student Life Editor

There are thousands of jobs that transform a play into a “production.” Junior Hanna Smith is one of the many ‘techs’ that build the show into the captivating work of art that enthralls audiences from beginning to end.

Smith had lived in California until her sophomore year. She found technical theater at her hometown high school and carried her passion to Texas.

“My freshman year, I saw a flyer for tech at my old school advertising the catwalk. I thought it looked really cool and my friend was in the class so I thought ‘I’m going to do that’,” Smith said.

Smith works many different jobs in the department, including working with other technicians to build the most elaborate sets.

“My favorite part is probably doing the shows, building sets is the fun part,” Smith said.

Smith involves herself in every play and musical Keller High offers. She avidly goes to other schools’ plays to see how different productions are styled.

“I hope I will eventually become a tech on Broadway or another big theater,” Smith said.

Smith is also involved with Keller’s newest play, She Kills Monsters.

She Kills Monsters is about two sisters, and one of them is dead. The other sister is getting to know the dead sister through her Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s a journey of her learning about her sister,” Smith said.

Smith designed makeup and set up the lights. Being a technician, Smith has to find a balance between theater life and academics.

“The most challenging thing about tech is having to stay after school and still trying to get your homework done,” Smith said.

Even though Smith works behind stage, she explained that tech has helped her overcome stage fright.

“You hang around the actors all the time,” Smith said. “They’re so open and it makes you more open, and willing to do weird stuff.”

Smith’s involvement in the fine arts is long-lasting and she wants to “do it forever.” She has found some of her best friends through tech and wishes for everyone to have that kind of experience.

“If you’ve ever seen a show, and wanted to be a part of it, but don’t want to be onstage, then join tech,” Smith said. “Or if you’ve ever seen a show and wondered where that set came from, or thought that the lights were really pretty, or that the makeup was super cool, then you should join tech. Putting together a show is an unforgettable experience, and even though it can be difficult, it is worth it in the end when you see how your work made the show reach its full potential, and when you hear the audience talking about how amazing it was.”