Amber Lucky: Choir Conqueror

Amber Lucky: Choir Conqueror

Ashley Slate

Bulletin/Spotlight Editor

Amber Lucky casually flips through pages and pages of sheet music in her choir binder, all of which must be memorized for upcoming concerts. Some songs are longer than others, while some are in entirely different languages. Though committing to memorize all those songs would be a difficult feat for most, Lucky enjoys doing what she loves: singing.

Lucky decided to join choir when she was in seventh grade, after the middle school choir director approached her and asked her to audition. Although she always had a passion for singing, Lucky did not decide to join choir until she was approached to do it, and her love for music blossomed as a result.

“I have always enjoyed singing, but I had never been public with it,” Lucky said. “It had always been a personal thing. Choir has really helped me develop my love of music.”

From there, Lucky stayed in choir through middle school into her high school years, and she remains singing in her sophomore year.

“It’s a full commitment,” Lucky said. “We practice every day, and it’s important to know your music, because it’s all memorized.”

Choir also has an upcoming concert on February 12 in the KHS commons from 6-9 pm, called “Prelude to Romance.” Admission is free. Lucky will sing in the second highest choir, the Varsity treble, and feels that this event is really enjoyable for everyone.

“It also has an auction, and everyone brings desserts for people to buy, so it is one of our most fun concerts as far as interacting with the audience,” Lucky said.

Being in choir requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but for Lucky, all the effort pays off in the end. She maintains a sense of  professionalism without sacrificing passion.

“You have to put in a lot of effort, and it’s very professional too,” Lucky said. “However, it’s also very fun. When you’re presenting songs, you have to act in a top-notch professional way. And also trying to express music with expressions and musicality moving the notes, remembering the technicalities of the songs as well as the musicality is probably one of the hardest parts but it’s all worth it.”

Although memorizing all the songs might seem hard enough, Lucky has also had to learn songs in several foreign languages, such as French, Italian and Latin.

“I remember last year for all-state auditions we had to learn a song in Russian, so that was pretty exciting. The varsity choirs sometimes learn songs in Chinese too, or Japanese.”

Learning songs in a different language may sound incredibly difficult, but Lucky knows that there is no shortage of other choir members willing to help out if someone’s having trouble.

“Most of my closest friends are in choir,” Lucky said.  “They help me with any struggles I have and all choir students, no matter what choir you’re in, are going to help you out if you’re having trouble.”

Lucky also finds that her choir group is very helpful when she gets anxious before a concert.

“It’s easier being in choir knowing that you have a group supporting you, who’s going to be right there singing along with you and kind of connecting your deeper notes with their higher notes and vice versa.”

For Lucky, the best part about being in choir is definitely the overall community feel.

“I love the family-orientation of it all, because I mean, popularity and stuff doesn’t really matter,” Lucky said. “It’s very social and fun to be with other singers. Especially when you’re on a trip.”

And there is one choir trip that Lucky is really looking forward to: the group’s trip to France over spring break.

“It’s going to be awesome and a great culture experience,” Lucky said. “We’re going to be there for almost all of spring break, and it will be a great time to bond with other choir students. We’re going to be singing Texas songs like Texas Our Texas and Deep in the Heart of Texas, which will be fun.”

Even though being in choir can sound slightly hectic at times, Lucky finds that she can escape the pressure when she’s singing up on stage.

“It just kind of gives me something to give me a break from all the stress,” Lucky said. “Singing makes me feel so happy and fills me with lots of joy, especially when it’s with other people.”