Halloween Maniacs


Alex Ditman 

Staff Writer 

The time for Halloween and dressing up is coming up fast. It is the time that people get to dress up as something they have always wanted to be and not look like complete crazies.

Some of us put the costumes off to the side and wait until the very last minute to find something to wear. If this is you, there is no need to fret about what you’re going to wear; here are some last minute costume ideas that are simple and easy!

If you are a person who is totally obsessed with vintage comic books, you might be familiar with the character Roy Lichtenstein whose character can make a seriously cute costume. All you need is a polka-dot T-shirt, a polka-dot skirt, brown or black body paint to put dots on all visible skin and possibly a sign to pin in your hair that says “oh, Jeff… I love you, Too…But…” It is a quick and easy design for a cute costume, and I bet people will be asking you where got it.

If that seems too time-consuming, you can always go for the simple getup of the grumpy cat. All you need is some brown, white, and pink face makeup and your one and only frowning face to create the look. But if you want to take it one step further, add a pair of cat ears.

Halloween is a crazy time for many people, especially the adults who scramble to buy the perfect costume for their little ones, but with these ideas, there is no need to go through all the pushing and shoving just to get what you want. These ideas also help cut the expenses of buying a full outfit, and a majority of what you need will most likely be in the hall closet you pass everyday but don’t bother to open.