From College to High School

Alex Ditman

Staff Writer

From teaching college classes to high school, Melinda Etheridge took a small leap into the world of a high school class. Now teaching at Keller High School, Ms. Etheridge went from University of Texas at Arlington to a class of only 17 students.

“In college, we’re operating to the text and we have more freedom in class with our lessons,” Ms. Etheridge said.

When teachers transfer from a college to a high school, they are faced with all new challenges such as rules, students and collaborating.

“I really enjoy the school and the students are really active in class,” Ms. Etheridge said. “Also, I’m working with a great team of teachers.”

Etheridge has expectations for her students in their school career.

“My goal for my students is for them to learn and enjoy learning,” Ms. Etheridge said.

Etheridge said that she knows the one thing she wants to teach her students.

“I want my students to learn to have fun in life and not just live,” Ms. Etheridge said.