Fresh into Freshman Year


Nia Ramsey

Rants Editor

Ah, the dreaded freshman year, we all eventually have to go through it. The first year of high school is a paradox of emotions; some people feel excited, some nervous and others stressed. However, for freshman Ray Contreras, it was all of those things and more.

Ray Contreras, a happy and friendly girl who loves animals, Black Veil Brides, anime and the color purple, was about to take her first step into a whole new world, or in this case, hallway.

“It was really crowded. Like, really crowded; it made you feel like you couldn’t even find your way around the school,” Contreras said. “The numbers on the wall helped me a lot.”

On a scale of one to ten, Contreras felt as if her bewilderment of the school was at a seven. At certain times, she was filled with joy, and other times, consumed by stress. But Contreras’ true challenge came midday.

“It was hard finding a lunch table, but I had some of my friends in the same lunch, so at least then we could find a table together.”

The one thing that made her enjoy her first day of freshman year most was learning that she was allowed to use her cell phone. In middle school the cell phone policy was strict and the teachers were like predators as they stalked students to see the flash of a text.

“I like the change. It gives us more freedom. We’re more independent now and it’s good that, you know, the school recognizes that.”

Overall, Contreras is having a generally positive time as a ninth grader.

“I haven’t gotten in trouble yet and that’s always good, right?” said Contreras.

Her advice to the freshman after her would be to avoid crowded halls at all cost and always use your manners. If freshman do those two things, they will have it much easier and stress would be almost nonexistent. It is a time to start fresh- freshman year, that is.