How to Do Mini School on a Huge Campus


Lisa Dreher

Editor In Chief

Every year, parents collectively experience the stress of navigating around Keller’s crowded hallways. From parents of naive, anxious freshmen to parents of exhausted seniors, all of them seem to struggle with getting to class as much as their counterparts. But no need to fret like a freshman, here are tips for finding your class on time.

1. The hallways are actually organized by room number

There are three main hallways that run vertically downstairs, with an identical pair of three hallways parallel to the ones downstairs upstairs. Starting downstairs, the left hallway consists of rooms 140s to 150s. The middle is 120s to 130s, and the right is 100s to 110s. Upstairs consists of the 200s because it is the second story. Now everything makes sense! The top floor is almost the same layout as downstairs, starting with the left with rooms 240s to 250s and so on with increasing rooms to the left. However, the back hallways that run horizontally are the 260s.

2. The hidden rooms are not so hidden as you think

On the very left of the first and second floor are the 180s and 280s. That oddly colored section with the light blue lockers are where other classes are. At the top floor, there is a set of stairways that flank the left of the 280s.

3. Extracurricular activities and electives

If you walk to the right hallway on the first floor, you will see that a hallway in front of the school store (that little counter on the corner with the gate) extends to the right horizontally and leads to doors to the outside. This area is where culinary class and cte classes are.  The bright white hallways on the left and right of the bottom floor that have an entrance through double doors is where the art classes are on the left and right, and the special needs class is in the right white hallway.

Upstairs, there are the two balconies that have the bathrooms up against the end of the three hallways. Starting from the left hallway, if you continue to walk to that open area of balconies, immediately on the left is the yearbook and photojournalism room taught by Mr. Williams. If you keep going straight, you will come across our Journalism and Newspaper room taught by Mrs. Gurganus. To the left of the journalism room directly in front of the middle hallway is the Professional Communications class taught by Mrs. Folger. And to the right of her class is Mr. Powell’s Computer Science class and then Mr. Haines’ A/V Production class.

On the first floor, if you continue to walk down the left, bright white hallways, you will see that there is another area to the left that contains the choir and theatre classes, as well as the auditorium.

To get outside to the 9 and 10 portables, the quickest way to go is to walk to the end of the floor and turn left so that you end up in the bright white area with the light blue lockers. Then walk through the double doors at the end of that hallway.

4. How to walk

Always try to walk on the right side. Always.