A Week of Pride

Emily Darden, Staff Writer

Emily Darden

Staff Writer

Homecoming, a package deal including a parade, a dance and of course the game, is a weeklong celebration geared towards a given theme.

Homecoming is a tradition for graduates of the school to come back and enjoy a home football game. Although originally for alumni, homecoming has evolved over the years to become centered more on present day students.

It starts off with extravagant hallway decorations throughout the school. Organizations each claim a hallway to decorate with their version of the theme.

The evening of the first day is filled with a parade. All the floats are judged on creativity and how they relate to the theme. There are floats from sports teams, feeder schools, and other extracurricular activities. Many people in the city line the streets to watch the interesting floats stream by and to receive candy from the parade walkers. After the parade is a community pep-rally where attendance is free, and spirit is everywhere.

Throughout the week boys creatively ask girls to the lavish homecoming dance sometime after the game. Many couples attend, but singles also go and enjoy the event.

The main event is the football game. Tons of fans fill the stadium to come support their team. Win or lose, homecoming will be the best game of the season. Everyone is praying for the same outcome, creating a bond between the people and making the game extremely exciting.

Homecoming is a great event that draws the whole student population together. Nobody regrets joining in the fun!