Army Strong

Army Strong

Laura Fisher, Photo Editor

Being in the military and going to school at the same time is difficult, but senior Elizabeth Phelan is doing that exact thing.

Phelan’s father, her inspiration for joining, was in the military for 27 years. She has known that she wanted to be in the Army since she was a little girl.

“I have just always known I wanted to be in the Army,” Phelan said. “I even had an army cheerleading outfit I would wear a lot.”

She was in the Air Force Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) for three years and recently went to basic training for 72 days at Fort Jason in South Carolina. She joined the Army at age 17 during her junior year with her parents’ permission.

“My mother was worried about me, but my dad wanted me to go into the Air Force not the Army,” Phelan said.

Phelan is a part of the 35th Grand Prairie unit. She has been in the reserves for a year and works for the Army once a month in human resources. Phelan helps sort mail and other postal things such as handling payments for people in the military.

“You could really screw up people’s stuff,” Phelan said.

After graduation she will go to Fort Jackson for nine weeks for advanced individual training and then stay for five weeks for advanced job training. She plans on being in the army for the rest of her life. By being in the reserves she can come home and go to college, which means she can go to the University of North Texas for international studies and to minor in Arabic.

“I want to go over seas to go in combat, I am not afraid of that,” Phelan said.

Her final goal is to fly Apaches and she has seven years left on contract with the military.