The Knight of “Spamalot”

Alec Harwood, Staff Writer

Drew Duffy, or Sir Lancelot as he goes by in the musical, is a Keller High School senior this year that thinks he “could go pro” in the theatre world. He does many things, such as playing the lute, is a part of people who use computers in a group among other extra curricular activities, and plays a big part of the “Spamalot” musical that occurred January 16th to the 19th.

Sir Lancelot had a lot to say about the musical. Although he got a great role in the play, he said he would rather play “a buttered role.”  Quite an interesting answer, perhaps there is a deeper meaning to that witty statement.

Drew did wish to make some changes to the play.

“I wish Jonathan Gartman was not in it,”  Drew said.

When asked if he wishes to continue in the theater, he explained, “yes, but only as a janitor…”

Right before the next question, Drew quietly muttered in a deep scraggly voice, “I’m scruffy the Janitor.”

FUMCOK Youth, People Who Use Computers Group, and Green Cord are some of the after school communities Drew is apart of, so if you’re looking for something new, all are looking for new members. He also participates in interesting activities outside of school.

“[I will] walk into the school or egg the school.”

According to Drew, “this interview” is the highlight of his high school career, and he feels that it is quite an honor for the Webwam to hold.

When asked if he enjoyed being apart of Spamalot and he quickly replied “no.” Whether that is true or not, it can probably be determined after you meet Drew Duffy.