The Scholarship Cheat Sheet

Hope Clark, Design/ Student Life Editor

Everyone knows college is expensive, but they do not know how pay for college tuition, let alone books, dorms, and all the other expenses that accompany it. One answer to this question is scholarships. When it comes to scholarships every little one helps, so seniors should apply for as many as they can and really put an effort into this to fund their education at their dream school. Here are some tips for students searching for scholarships.

Look at the college– Students should look into the school they want to attend and see if that school offers any scholarships. For some universities, if you apply early they offer you priority scholarship consideration.

Ask a counselor– The school counselors know a plethora of scholarships and can assist students in finding some that apply to them. In fact, the counselor’s corner on the Keller High School website has a whole section dedicated to scholarships.

Google it– Google knows all, so it must know something about scholarships. Seniors just need to type in scholarships and this search engine will bring up plenty of different sites to explore.

Look for the unusual– Not very many people will fit the criteria for weird scholarships, but those few lucky people that do can receive extra money. Who doesn’t want to earn money for being unique?

Ask college students– College students have already gone through the pain-staking process of hunting down college tuition funds. They can offer advice and lead current seniors in the right direction as they embark on the same mission.

Be patient and persevere– While sifting through scholarship after scholarship many students will grow discouraged as they cannot find one that works for them. Seniors need to push through this struggle, because in the end it means that you have less financial worries in the future. If students work hard now, they will not have as many loans to pay off and debt to worry about when they are graduating college and looking for a real job.

College may be expensive, but with scholarships students can certainly lessen the financial burden. In the end, the memories and knowledge people gain from their college experience makes all the work that was put into it worth it.