The Most Dedicated Man at the School

Alec Harwood

It’s only David Evan’s second year at KHS and his first year teaching his own class, but he has already made a huge impact on his new and old students. After your first encounter with Mr. Evans you will notice his compassionate, warm-hearted understanding of his students and love for all things science.

Our school has successfully given Evans a tremendous first impression.

“I noticed the quality of students at campus,” Mr. Evans said. “[They’re] some of the brightest and well behaved.”

Next to how well our students are, Mr. Evans noted how amazing our school’s faculty is.

“It’s easy to teach with such a supportive and connected staff.”

Mr. Evans teaches physics, but he enjoys other topics of study as well.

“My first love will always be biology,” he said. When asked what class he’d teach if he was able to teach any topic in the world Evans still said biology.

“I love all sciences, but my passion is in biology,” Mr. Evans said. It’s a rare thing to find a teacher who is truly passionate about their job. Many teachers focus just on getting out of here as soon as the last bell rings, but Mr. Evans is here early and leaves late at around 8 p.m. every day.

When he was 14-years-old, Mr. Evans began to help his mother teach her classes, but it wasn’t until the tail end of his freshmen year in college that he realized he wanted to become a teacher. For his whole life he had wanted to be a veterinarian.

His professors inspired him, and his love for the classroom began to grow.

“I treat my students like I would have wanted to be treated when I was a teenager.”

He’s already writing his own tests and preparing his own unique way to teach the curriculum.

“You have to be goal oriented” Mr. Evans said, “It’s a constant cycle.”

He likes to always keep everything prepared and ready for his students, set one goal doing something and then set a new one as soon as you complete the first. His work ethic is tremendous, and his personality makes it even easier to learn and ask for help, any time you may need it.

Mr. Evans is one of the most interesting, and understanding people on our campus. Current physics students, don’t be shy, if you need some help head over to 233. Evans is always open to help any student.