Prepared to Park

Alec Harwood, Staff Writer

For most sophomores this is the big year they get their driving license. You get to experience a whole new level of freedom, but with that freedom comes a lot of new rules to follow on campus.

The first thing you need when you bring your shiny new car onto the school’s campus is the required parking sticker. The AP office will assist you in purchasing your sticker, which requires cash or a check.

A sticker costs $50. If you’re a junior and you want to have your own parking space next year, you have to pay a total of  $125: $75 for the spot, and $50 for the parking sticker.

If you know somebody who has his or her own space and allows you to use it when he or she is not present at school, your vehicle can and will be booted and fined if you park there.

The cost for removing a boot is $25 and ISS or Saturday school will be issued. If it occurs a second time there is still a fee of $25 and you may be banned from the parking lots.

There are six parking lots at Keller. Two of those are off limits for your everyday parking (the staff and visitor lots) and two more of those are only available to students with reserved parking spots (the lot on the home side of the stadium and the lot next to the practice baseball field). The last two lots are by the home and visitor sides of the stadium.

Both sides have their own benefits and downfalls. You have to walk a bit longer to get to the visitor side’s lot, but leaving the lot does not take as long as leaving the home side’s lot. Parking in the home side’s lot is closer to the school, but if you’re trying to leave the lot at 3:40 be prepared to wait with all the other students for 20 minutes as everyone tries to leave through one of the two exits in the lot.

Parking can be tough and stressful, but with a little bit of experience knowing how the lots work (and the people that drive within them), you can get a pretty good idea on where you should park.