Lessons For Freshmen

Ashley Slate, Staff Writer

Be organized


Remember that one folder you had last year in eighth grade that you just shoved all your papers into? The one that ripped in half before the first semester was even over? That’s not going to cut it this year. Come up with a way to be organized. Have one folder for each class, or get a large binder with a designated section for each class. Get an agenda, and actually use it, so you can keep up with all your assignments. Keep your locker and backpack neat and clean. Find an organizational method that works for you and actually stick to it.


Start Doing Things for Yourself


You can’t depend on other people forever; now’s the time to learn to do things on your own. If you’re absent, don’t make it your parents’ responsibility to find out what you missed. Email your teachers the day you’re gone, and make it your own job to keep up with your work. Your parents won’t be guiding you along when you’re out of the house, so might as well learn some independence now. When you’re in class, actually attempt to participate and answer questions the teacher asks. Don’t leave it up to that one kid who answers every question and no one else says a word. You’re a person, you have a voice. Use it.


Find a Balance – Don’t Stress Out


If you wait until 10 at night to do your homework, chances are you’ll want to tear your hair out.  High school means more homework, but it’s nothing to stress out over. Come up with a plan. Maybe take thirty minutes when you get home to grab a snack and relax, and then get started on the homework. Come up with a routine.  Divide up everything you have to do into sections and tackle each one by one. Start with the hardest tasks first, and work your way to the easiest. Get rid of all distractions around you. That means turning off the TV, turning off the phone and logging off social media. Take short breaks in between, which does not equal talking on the phone or scrolling trough twitter for an hour. When you have a routine in place, your life will be much easier.

Don’t Annoy the Upperclassmen


Don’t be the one who walks really slowly in the hallway staring at your phone, while other people are stuck behind you. No one likes that person. Don’t freak out and start screaming when you see your friends in between classes. You saw them an hour ago. If you’re in a relationship, we don’t want to see obnoxious PDA in the halls. That’s gross. If you know a lot of seniors, awesome, but you don’t need to brag about it to everyone.


Join In


Find a club or activity that interests you and join! High school is all about getting involved in what you are interested in. Not to mention, it doesn’t look too bad on that college application. Whether it’s French, debate, or drama, joining a club is not only super fun, but it’s a great way to make new friends and expand your social horizon.