New teacher helps non-English speaking students succeed

Laura Fisher, Photo Editor

The new ELL director, Tara Cargill, is an advocate for English Language Learners. She makes sure the staff is following the law and providing the necessary services to students with Limited English Proficiency. This is her first year at Keller High School and she loves it.

“I am not a teacher, but I mentor and conference with students one-on-one and at times, in a small group setting,” Mrs. Cargill said.

This means she helps students succeed academically while the students are learning English for the first time. She works with every grade level in Keller High.

Mrs. Cargill enjoys watching basketball, baseball and she plays volleyball when she can.

She majored in Interdisciplinary Studies: Health Education which encompasses the mental, physical, and emotional health.

She took lots of psychology, kinesiology and physical science classes. Mrs. Cargill said she didn’t always want to be a teacher.

“I wanted to be an Industrial/Organizational psychologist, but at the time, when I had to make a decision, I needed a job that would get me from point A to point B, so I chose teaching in the interim.”

She also has two Master’s degrees in Education: Curriculum/Instruction and Administration/Supervision.

Her job is a perfect combination of the two professions. She still works with kids, is working with them in a different way to grow them socially and academically.

“It’s perfect for me! I love my job!” she said.

It turns out she does not speak any other languages other than English.

“It is always interesting when you are trying to communicate with someone who is not proficient in the language you are proficient in. I think it is fun and I learn every day! I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with such diverse people and help them accomplish their goals!”

The most challenging part about Mrs. Cargill’s job is keeping track of all the pieces. “I have to multitask every day! I have to juggle multiple ongoing projects, meet moving deadlines, prioritize and organize!” she said.

But most importantly Mrs. Cargill loves Keller and her job here.