The Indianettes are Dancing to a New Beat

Eric Norrell, Sports Editor

Entering the 2013 school year, the Indianettes and dancers of Keller High School were without an instructor and were left wondering who would be at the helm this year. Who would create the halftime entertainment for the football games? Who would prepare them for their competitions? Who would be the director of the Sweethearts of Keller High?  The answer came in the experienced dance instructor Christie Panno.

Mrs. Panno started dancing at the age of four, and hasn’t stopped since.  She danced all the way through college, for different studios and even danced for TCU for four years.

“I was a TCU show girl for four years and a captain of their dance team,” she said.

Mrs. Panno is a local woman. She graduated from Grapevine High School and she used to be the Dancing Director for Southlake High School. She has been an instructor for local dance clinics as well as clinics all over the country, helping educate and inspire young dancers.

“I used to teach for another company that travelled the country and I taught camps during the summer time from all over Texas to some in Ohio, even Pennsylvania.”

Even though Mrs. Panno is new to Keller High School, she is no stranger to football season and the hectic schedule that comes along with it.  Every week she has to balance her time and practices to make sure that her dancers are primed and ready to perform during halftime of the football games.

“I really enjoy football season and watching the girls perform at halftime,” Mrs. Panno said. “I get much more nervous for them than I ever did as a performer.”

Mrs. Panno has all the tools to make this year successful for the Indianettes and Lady Royales.  Be on the lookout for some amazing things in the dance programs this year at Keller. It is only September, but Mrs. Panno is setting her girls up for a year of accomplishment, and providing them with a lifetime of knowledge.

“I want the girls to walk away and feel like it was a great, successful year for them.  Not just competitively, but personally and walk away with more than just dancing. Maybe they will learn a few life skills along the way.”