Hanging with Hammonds

Eduardo Sobrino, Sports Editor

Deanna Payne-Hammonds. Who is this woman? She is the newest addition to our cast of characters that is the assistant principal staff, but does anyone know anything about her?

“I chose Keller because of its environment, its friendliness, and its culture,” Mrs. Payne- Hammonds said.

Mrs. Payne- Hammonds comes from a background of helping with the special needs students at her previous schools. She really connects with them and holds a special place in her heart for these students that she has worked with throughout her career.

Growing up in Maryland, right outside of D.C., Hammonds spent much of her time in high school playing the clarinet in the school marching band. When she wasn’t busy with that, she was at events as the school’s mascot.

“I followed all the rules, and I was scared to death whenever I wasn’t.”

Aside from her passion for all things Keller, Mrs. Payne- Hammonds also enjoys traveling with her husband.

“This summer we went to Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.”

Her desire for adventure leads her on excursions like this whenever she gets the chance. Mrs. Payne- Hammons also used to play volleyball in her free time, but has since stopped due to a lack of said free time.

Mrs. Payne- Hammonds also enjoys a variety of entertainment: her favorite movie is The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel, her favorite book is Romeo and Juliet and her favorite musical artist is Reba.

Deanna Payne-Hammonds: a traveler, an assistant principle, a wife and a kind person with a warm personality. Let’s give her the welcome she deserves here at Keller.