From Temp to Perm

Josh Rhymer, Staff Writer

From the viewpoint of the average everyday student, Spanish II Instructor Maximino Landaverde is just a normal teacher.  However, the story of how he became a teacher at Keller High School is quite interesting.

Before Mr. Landaverde pursued a career in teaching, he worked at a manufacturing plant making landing gear.

“I worked there through college. I do miss the people there, but thats about it,” said Mr. Landaverde.

He had a passion for teaching, so Mr. Landaverde left his work to become a substitute teacher.

Mr. Landaverde was the long-term sub for the two Spanish teachers who, at the time, were on maternity leave.  He subbed for a whole semester in the fall of 2012.

“I enjoyed subbing, and kept my fingers crossed that I’d get a call back to Keller,” said Mr. Landaverde.

His dream became reality when he was offered a permanent teaching job at Keller High School. When he came back, he noticed that subbing wasn’t that different from being a teacher.

“Since I was long-term sub, I still had to handle parent emails, disciplinary problems, and so on,” said Mr. Landaverde.

Making the change from sub to teacher wasn’t much of a change in scenery, “unless you count my name being on the door.”

Although few staff members remember the Spanish substitute, the students sure do.

“The students, they remember me. They visit me a lot,” said Mr. Landaverde.

In the end, Mr. Landaverde is a Spanish instructor who is dedicated to his job and his students.

“I have always had a passion for teaching.  That’s where I’m at now, and that’s where my heart is,” said Mr. Landaverde.