The Price is Right

Lisa Dreher, Culture Editor

Teachers who have experienced reunion with other faculty members, old students, and the very success-oriented atmosphere of a high school are familiar with a certain kind of excitement and renewed passion for what they do for. For new, eager teachers such as Kristopher Price, that experience was being perceived for the very first time, which for him was very memorable and enjoyable.

“[The] first day was great, kids were great. It was fun knowing a new group,” the new, regular world history teacher Mr. Price said.

After graduating from UNT, Mr. Price taught history for ten years at Indian Springs Middle School. Mr. Price then started coaching football and track at Keller High, which he now knows how to balance with his teaching career.

“I do things on the weekend, and there is a lot of time during the week,” he said.

Besides juggling these responsibilities, Mr. Price applies an efficient teaching style that allows the students to create their own study skills and talk one on one with him.

“[I give] very little lectures so they can [understand] the learning process. [This] helps them decide what their strongest areas are, and those that need improvement”.

Of all the educational and personal skills, Mr. Price believes a “good work ethic” is the most valuable. Throughout the year, he wishes to teach in such a way that will make the students independent and prepare them for future classes and the real world.

“I want them to be developing great study habits, [and] relationships with peers and teachers. I give them opportunities to work with peers and myself in a positive classroom setting”.

Mr. Price picked to teach world history because of his love for the subject, especially World War II.

“It’s one of my favorite subjects to teach. [World War II] always has been interesting, I just like to teach and talk about it,” said Mr. Price.

At the end of the day, Mr. Price enjoys playing with his son the most during his free time.

As an experienced and passionate teacher about his subject, as well as a longtime track and football coach, Mr. Price is very eager to teach because of his selflessness and will to help students become successful in school and prepared for the future.